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About Movements Yoga Pilates Studio




Founded at the end of 2022, Movements Yoga Pilates Studio has plenty to offer.

For those looking for an effective, full-body workout, stretching, guided meditation, yoga, or pilates, Movements is the right place to be. But it's much more than that. It's a safe space where a sense of community is built, uniqueness is celebrated, and peace of mind is prioritized.

It's a studio where you can sculpt, relax, tone, stretch, strengthen, sweat, and have fun. The workouts are as good for your body as they are for your mind.


Enjoy the mo(ve)ent of being in the flow and it will do wonders.


Meet Christel van Giffen
Founder & Instructor

Born and raised in Curaçao, Christel lives and breathes wellness; she is a wave and wind surfer, a cross fitter, yogi, and avid pilates practitioner. She spent years as an elementary teacher, which is where she first mastered the art of patience, encouragement, and teaching.   In 2019, Christel decided to pursue her passion for wellness by spending three months in India completing a Yoga Teacher Training course specialized in Ashtanga and Hatha. She learn about both the technical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Afterward, she  discovered pilates in The Netherlands and instantly fell in love with it. Shortly after she became a certified Pilates instructor and Yoga Kids teacher. During her 18 months in Canada she became a full-time certified personal trainer, and yoga & pilates instructor. 

Christel enjoys sharing her love for yoga and pilates and positively impacts the well-being of those around her. Her goal is to create a studio environment that inspires deep positivity and self-love, while also honoring the memory of her late brother Vincent who loved all forms of movement.  This is how Movements Yoga Pilates Studio was born.


With her humble, genuine, and kind nature, Christel makes every student feel included and empowered. Her sheer passion for yoga and pilates is infectious, while her extensive knowledge of how the body works, ensures that each class is given with intention and effectiveness.

“A very welcoming, serene, and central place to go to. Fun classes, serious work for the body in an aesthetic environment, and just easy to be there, harder to leave.⁠”




Our Partners

We are grateful to have partnered up with world-renowned brands Bala and LuluLemon.

Our mats, ankle/wrist weights, yoga blocks, pilates rings, and balls are brought to you by these high-quality brands. We love these tools so much that they are also available for purchase at the studio. This way, you can work out with our favorite items wherever, and whenever you want.

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