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The Power of Movement

We have carefully designed our classes in such a way that you can enjoy both the physical and mental benefits of working out.

Physically, we challenge your body by targeting various muscle groups, training you to become more flexible, sculpted, and healthy.

Mentally, we practice breathwork, mindfulness, intention, and gratitude, allowing our busy minds to take a break, gain perspective and feel inner peace.

Emotionally, you will leave feeling more relaxed, energized, and happy. Our core classes are either Pilates or Yoga based.


Through slower movements and deep breathing, yoga focuses on connecting the mind with the body. Beneficial for your flexibility, balance, and strength, yoga is a popular method to reduce stress and practice mindfulness and meditation. It originated in India, where it is mainly practiced for spiritual reasons.


Developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates, this method was created to rehabilitate and heal returning war soldiers and injured dancers. It improves flexibility, balance, and posture through a core-focused workout that strengthens and lengthens muscles equally, making them appear leaner. Pilates stresses the importance of deep breathing and intentional movements.  It is a popular workout method among all kinds of athletes and since it is not very repetitive, it always remains exciting. 

Pop-ups & Events

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